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Our Approach

We are different.  We’re not purely a VC, but we will certainly invest early if we like an opportunity.  We’re not a traditional private equity firm, but we do have a strong affinity for aggressive growth strategies anchored by key acquisitions or industry consolidations.   We’re not a broker/dealer or strategic marketing consultancy, but we work with entrepreneurs to crystalize ideas, shape business strategy, and raise capital (often investing our own) to support bold, new strategic visions. Simply put, we follow the shortest path to value creation, wherever it begins or leads.

Our ambiguity is our greatest strength.  It gives us the freedom to listen to good ideas and pursue them with vigor – not just those that conform to rigid, predetermined investment criteria within narrowly defined industries.  It enables us to move swiftly to capitalize on fleeting opportunities, and allows us to seek and uncover buried, dormant or unrecognized value.  But the freedom of ambiguity has a cost….

We must remain knowledgeable about technology’s impact on ever changing market trends, forces and movements across a broad industry spectrum.

We have to read, watch and listen to everything – which is easier said.  We have to keep our “ears to the ground”, roll up our sleeves, and hustle.  We have to say “no” quickly, which means we sometimes miss a big one.  And we’re forced to work with fewer companies in a deeper, more collaborative way – giving every opportunity weight, impact and importance.  So, yes, we are different and our approach sets us apart – but like every investment firm, at our core, we’re simply treasure hunters in search of hidden gems.

Our 4 Stages of Value Creation





Investment Criteria

Business models, industries, customer segments, and other things we find of particular interest.

Business Models

  • Consumer-focused marketplace models
  • Affinity-based subscription models
  • Learning marketplace platforms
  • Tech-enabled freelancer/on-demand services
  • Digital coupon delivery and redemption
  • Autonomous transport services


  • Digital Imaging
  • Youth Sports Training Technology and Services
  • Financial Services
  • Pet Products and Accessories
  • Gaming
  • Biomedical
  • Tech-enhanced learning / Online Tutoring
  • Augmented reality advertising

Customer Segments

  • High Income Mothers
  • High Income Single Dads
  • Enthusiasts (Sports/Health/Gadgets/Religion)
  • Underbanked / Underserved (Financial Services)


  • Obsessed entrepreneurs with demonstrable successes
  • Obsessed entrepreneurs with demonstrable failures


  • Reginald Bowser



    Reginald Bowser has over twenty-five years of successful marketing, entrepreneurial and leadership experience. His most recent venture, Entertainment Imaging, LLC, was a $50 million private equity vehicle formed to consolidate the $2.5 billion souvenir photo industry. Prior to EI, he was the Founder and CEO of Red Bow Photo, a digital imaging company that provided technology and services to professional sports franchises, schools and youth associations across the country, including the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Angels and Carolina Panthers.

    Before starting Red Bow, Reggie was the Founder, President and CEO of RolloverSystems, Inc., a financial services technology firm that provided outsourced 401(k) rollover technology and services to the nation’s top financial institutions, including Fidelity, Charles Schwab, JPMorgan Chase, Nationwide and New York Life.  Reggie raised over $20 million in venture capital for the company in a new category he created, defined and led.  He was awarded US Patent # 7,155,407, Account Management Systems and Methods, for his pioneering process of handling retirement account transfers and distributions.

    Prior to founding RolloverSystems, Mr. Bowser served as Vice President of Marketing for LendingTree, Inc.  As the company’s fifth employee, he helped manage its growth to over 200 employees, $20 million in revenue and the dominant position in online lending.  After an Initial Public Offering, he managed a $50 million marketing budget and launched the highly acclaimed When Banks Compete, You Win advertising campaign.  The campaign enabled LendingTree to seize clear brand and category leadership in the industry, a position it still enjoys today.

    Reggie began his career with the Eastman Kodak Company where he worked in various sales, marketing and analyst roles.  He lives in the Bay Area and has three phenomenal sons – Miles, Max and Monty.  He earned a BS from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and an MBA from The Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia, where he was an Eastman Kodak Scholar.

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